Shoaib Khan

Shoaib Khan

At M Worldwide Inc., Shoaib Khan’s success includes managing a billion dollars in investments and ventures in real estate, media, marketing, technology, consumer goods and social enterprises.

It’s one element of an entrepreneurial career that has seen Khan rise in Canadian business, finance and philanthropy. His work is impactful in every sense: transformative for industries, and impactful for the communities around the world who are aided by his charitable foundation, Humaniti.

Beyond his work with M Worldwide Inc., Shoaib Khan serves as CEO of Clearoute, the Toronto-based firm that fills the role of strategic ally for companies of every size. Clearoute offers expertise in branding, sales, finance, performance marketing and technology for a broad range of business clients.

Throughout his career of more than three decades, Shoaib Khan has partnered with major brands, including Google, AOL, Dell, WB, Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, Oxford Properties, Lennar, W Hotels, Tridel, Honda, General Motors, Audi, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Aeroplan, RBC, BMO, Ericsson, BlackBerry and Sprint.

He is adept at discovering rewarding business opportunities, while also focusing on the essential details of business operations, including design, project management, sales, marketing, revenue management, financing, technology and customer service. His skills and strategies lead companies to higher levels of success, expanding revenue and market share.

In 2016 he drew upon his knowledge and experience to create Humaniti, a global charitable foundation. The organization’s overarching ideal is that humanity itself must be “the shareholder, the customer, and the beneficiary” of each program and initiative. 

As Chairman of the Board, Shoaib Khan has focused Humaniti’s efforts where they can be most effective, prioritizing people and communities in need. Every dollar comes with a commitment to promoting social justice and human rights, and a devotion to providing people the education and resources that will enable them to achieve economic independence.

Across a diverse array of developing nations, Humaniti works to deliver critical support in villages, schools and homes. Its effectiveness is magnified by the operational efficiencies and business skills Shoaib Khan contributes to each project.

Before Humaniti, his charitable work included the founding of The Good Group, which helped individuals to create businesses and thrive economically, based on education that emphasizes practical skills.

Shoaib Khan believes in uplifting communities by improving education, health care, infrastructure and prospects for economic development. In pursuit of these goals, he provides the strategic resources that make the difference between well-intentioned efforts and real-life success.