Transformation Through Habit-Building

We are all born with a natural potential towards greatness, but as we get older we decide how to harness that greatness. Do we diminish it, or nurture it? It depends on us. 

We can nurture our strengths with habits and things we can control in our environment. Legends are not born with the natural ability to fly and conquer – they are shaped and molded through experiences, and habit-building. These habits are built over time with resilience and habits. Discipline. 

We are all human beings, but with our actions and mindset, we can shape ourselves to become more and more polished. And rise above the rest. 

The most successful people in the world all have very distinct habits that make them unique compared to their peers. So what are habits that can transform you to rise above mediocrity and channel your inner greatness? 

Let’s get into them so you, too, can channel your inner greatness. 

  1. Prioritize Your Sleep

You cannot function without your mind being as strong as it can possibly be – good sleep will either hinder your performance or accelerate it. It is best to figure out your REM cycle so that you are able to perform well even with only a few hours of sleep – you can use apps or use a smartwatch to calculate this. 

  1. Waking Up Early

On the flip side, waking up late is also not advised. The most successful people wake up early and finish tasks before the world wakes up. The morning time is also great for habit-building because you are disciplining your body to not give in to the temptation of more sleep, which automatically puts your mind into a task-oriented flow. You can use these early hours to meditate, workout, or get started on the work ahead of you. 

  1. Exercising Every Day

Keeping your body and mind sharp is key to enhancing your performance. Looking and feeling your best is a way to represent yourself in a dignified manner, thus giving you more respect. Exercising, while shaping your body and keeping you healthy, also releases endorphins which in turn puts you in a positive mindset. Likewise, when you look good, you feel good too – your mental and physical well-being go hand-in-hand. 

  1. Keep a Calendar 

Be organized. Have a routine set so you stay on top of your tasks. Set specific days of the week for specific to-dos. Staying organized is essential to be on the path to success. Whether it is through your phone calendar, or through an assistant, make sure you stay ahead of your commitments so you are not overlapping your events. 

  1. Set Time Limits on Meetings, 

Keep your meetings task-oriented. The greatest CEOs and the most successful people do not have time to waste on frivolity – keep the meetings direct and personable while also making sure you cover what is needed to accomplish the tasks ahead for the day. 

  1. Organize your Email 

Discuss to-dos over email as much as possible overbooking meetings or having elongated phone calls. Communication over email will allow tasks to be completed in a timely manner without small talk. 

  1. Filter Out distractions

Don’t engage in company drama or politics. Keep your head down and focus on what the next step is in the task and what else needs to be done. Remember, small minds discuss people while big minds discuss ideas. 

  1. Ask Questions and Be in the Know

The greatest CEOs ask a lot of questions. Always be in pursuit of knowledge, of the now, of what is happening in the world. Stay engaged and don’t become stale. 

  1. Read Books

Every successful CEO reads a lot of books. And it is no surprise, really – knowledge is power, as they say. Being engaged with a wide variety of topics and being in tune with other great thinkers will keep your mind fresh – which is where great ideas are formed. Read all genres – from fiction to autobiographies to business to self-development to history to philosophy and philanthropy. Many CEOs discuss their book lists on social media so that others can also be inspired by what inspired them. Being an active reader is key so the knowledge is transformative, beyond the pages. Writing notes in the margins of a physical book or on a post-it note will help the ideas sink in more than passive reading. 

  1. Delegate Tasks

Don’t put all the burden of tasks on your own shoulders – trust your team enough to take some of the load while you make the important decisions. A sign of a great leader is to see the strengths of those around him/her. When you recognize the strengths of your team, you can then delegate tasks accordingly so that your company is a well-oiled machine rather than a sinking ship. This will also build camaraderie and confidence in your team members. 

11. Network 

These days, it is all about who you know in order to climb the ladder. There is always someone to meet, something to learn, something you can provide one another with, and something to grow from when you meet new people. 

12. Take Risks

You may have all the smarts to run a great business, but you must be willing to also jump and take leaps of faith. If you’re too careful, how will you grow? Even if you slip and make mistakes along the way, the experiences will only make you stronger and a wiser leader. 

13. Be Positive

When you lift people’s spirits and motivate your team, you will have a great support system. Create positivity around you – that is also a sign of a great leader. People will want to follow you. 

So, find your inner greatness. Legends aren’t born – they are shaped with habits that are built with resilience and discipline. So keep striving and building yourself. The change will not happen overnight, but don’t give up or lose hope because of setbacks. If anything, use the ups and downs as motivation to work harder. Forming good habits will help you get farther down the road on your journey towards becoming a more polished professional or CEO. Keep dreaming and keep striving – you have the makings of greatness in you. Harness it. 

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